Our Team

We’re a collection of doers, of get-it-done-ers. We’re not just thinkers, we’re think-out-of-the-boxers. We’re entrepreneurs. We’re builders. We’re creators. We’re a team…we’re the New Heartland Group.


We are very intentional about hiring people who have a positive attitude rooted in an entrepreneurial spirit. Our goal is to help every member of our team grow professionally by being exposed to areas of the business that they may not otherwise see. We’re anti-silo and super committed to daily collaboration. Our motto is “Don’t Tell Me, Show Me.”

Paul Jankowski


Paul is a recognized brand builder, thought leader, speaker and Forbes contributor on marketing, and creating culturally-relevant messaging in the New Heartland. His expertise lies in all aspects of global brand development as the founder of Nashville-based New Heartland Group…

Keea Taylor

Account Director

Keea joins NHG with two decades of marketing experience and multiple industry awards under her belt. Having led best-in-class campaigns for brands like MARS, General Mills, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Ford, and IKEA, she brings strategic leadership that spans across multiple disciplines and segments…


We have a deep pool of best-in-class specialists that we deploy based on the exacting needs of our client’s objectives. This allows us to focus senior level resources against all engagements and does not burden us – or our clients – with overhead or resources that are not required to get the job done.

Geoff Schroeder


Jenny Ward


brian demoss

Brian DeMoss

Graphic & Web Design

tucker dog


Agency Dog