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An experiential soundtrack
like none other

If you’ve never experienced the Big Machine Music City Grand Prix – if you’ve never felt the rumble in your chest while the roar of twin-turbocharged V-6 engines blends with the adrenaline-pumping live music that’s made Nashville a must-visit destination – then we really can’t offer a frame of reference.

But take it from us, it’s a one-of-a-kind experience. For three days, the streets of downtown Nashville literally vibrate with non-stop music and can’t miss racing excitement that draws fans from around the world.

And when this best-in-class event went looking for a rebrand, they came to the people who know their Heartland audience best: NHG.
Working with our partner agency, Two By Four, we rebuilt the experience from the asphalt up – with everything from a new brand strategy, updated customer personas, and a creative PR plan, to cutting-edge creative, a laser-focused media plan, and highly targeted social content.

The result has been a steadily-growing, must-see event that continues to thrill fans year after year.

Big Machine Music City Grand Prix
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