We are home to 60% of Americans.

We live and work in the New Heartland.


New Heartland Group is the country’s only marketing agency/consultancy dedicated to connecting brands with the nearly 60% of customers who live in the New Heartland.

Welcome to the New Heartland

Only 5%

Of New Heartland residents feel that brands understand them.

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The New Heartland

Is more than just fly-over states or “filler” between the Hudson River and LA.

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60% of Americans

Call the New Heartland home.

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26 States

Make up the the New Heartland.

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$6-8 Trillion

In buying power across the New Heartland states.

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25% of Millennials

Mobile-oriented, media savvy, ethnically diverse, well-educated and culturally savvy.

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Nashville-based New Heartland Group helps brands successfully reach and engage the nearly 60% of U.S. customers that make up the New Heartland. Through our experience, research, and cultural immersions, we help brands develop culturally relevant strategies and tactics to connect to this important group of customers.

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Brand Strategy

We develop culturally relevant strategies to connect with New Heartlanders and drive brand advocacy that can last for generations.

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Custom Insights

We are rooted in research and provide custom cultural insights into the New Heartland consumer.

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Digital/Social Strategy

We build digital strategies that are nuance-aware and culturally correct.

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Cultural Immersions

We provide hands-on, custom designed, in-market Immersions that help clients better understand how their New Heartland customers actually live.

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Branded Entertainment

We have extensive branded entertainment experience, including brand-artist/influencer partnerships, under our One Bullet Entertainment division.

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Fueled by proprietary research and deep marketplace experience, NHG shares insight into the cultural nuances and core values found in the New Heartland, and how they affect buying behavior.

Find out more about the New Heartland from our Founder Paul Jankowski, on Forbes.com.

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We help our clients understand how culture, core values, attitudes, and lifestyle activities influence buying behaviors.
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